Panel discussion @COP28 “Media’s Role in MENA: Shaping Climate Change Discourse

 In a pivotal initiative, “Science Journalists in MENA”, announces an upcoming panel discussion addressing the critical role of media in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region concerning climate change. Titled “Media’s Role in MENA: Shaping Climate Change Discourse,” this 90-minute session is scheduled for December 4, 2023, at 5:00 PM (Dubai Time).

Join us in this insightful discussion that promises to shed light on the pivotal role of media in addressing climate change in the MENA region and beyond.   For more information and to register for the event, click here.

This panel aims to comprehensively explore the media’s role in the MENA region concerning climate change. It will highlight the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities that stem from this influential role.

Join this discussion to explore the following key topics:

1️⃣ The Power of Media Storytelling: How do MENA media outlets use storytelling to effectively communicate climate change issues?

2️⃣ The Importance of Education and Awareness: How can the media play a pivotal role in educating the public about climate issues and raising awareness of environmental concerns, ultimately promoting sustainable behaviors?

3️⃣ Media Responsibility and Ethics: Discover how MENA media outlets are responsible for providing accurate and balanced information on climate change. What challenges do they face in terms of objectivity and external pressures?

4️⃣ Mobilization Power: Learn how the media can encourage citizen, corporate, and government engagement in the fight against climate change. Explore successful media campaigns that have led to tangible actions.

5️⃣ International Collaboration: Understand how MENA media outlets collaborate with regional and international partners to cover global climate change issues. Explore how these collaborations enhance the reach and impact of climate messages.

Moderated by Dr. Nouha Belaid (Founder of Science Journalists in MENA), we’re thrilled to announce our esteemed panel of speakers:

🎤He. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi (“Green Sheikh”, Environmental Advisor to the Government of Ajman)

🎤 Prof. Jairo Alfonso Lugo-Ocando: Dean of the College of Communication, Sharjah University.

🎤 Dr. Fadhel Kaboub: President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity.

🎤 Ms. Dalia Abdel Salam: Chief Editor of Nature Middle East.

🎤 Mr. Mohamed Elsonbaty Ramadan: ScieDev reporter.

🎤 Mr. Khaled Sulaiman: Environmental journalist and trainer.

Join us this insightful discussion that promises to shed light on the pivotal role of media in addressing climate change in the MENA region and beyond.   For more information and to register for the event, click here.

About “Science Journalists in MENA”:

Our community has grown to encompass more than 500 science journalists in the MENA region. Our primary objective is to disseminate scientific knowledge throughout the Arab world. We achieve this by fostering teamwork and drawing upon the expertise of professionals in both journalism and science. Within this community, we actively engage with international experiences through biweekly meetings. In recent months, we’ve had the privilege of hosting notable guests such as Catherine Offord, Senior Editor of “The Scientist” magazine; Ben Deighton, Managing Editor of “Sciedev”; and Ehsan Masood, Editor of Editorials at “Nature”.

 As a community dedicated to addressing the challenges presented by climate change, we understand the pivotal role that the media plays in shaping public opinion, influencing policy decisions, and driving positive change. We firmly believe that nurturing informed and constructive climate discourse in the MENA region is paramount. To further this goal, we recently initiated an extensive training program focused on media coverage of COP28. We received over 1,000 applications and were pleased to involve 400 journalists into the program.

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