In preparation for COP28, the Forum of Science Journalists in MENA announces a comprehensive training program for exceptional coverage of environmental and climate challenges

The media plays a vital role in drawing attention to the challenges we face in the fields of the environment, climate, and health. It is a powerful means to promote cooperation and encourage collaborative efforts among all stakeholders to achieve environmental conservation goals and combat climate change. In this context, the Forum of Science Journalists in North Africa and the Middle East is pleased to announce a comprehensive training program titled ‘The Media Path to the Climate Conference’ in partnership with Ozone, Cosmos, Green Future, Green in Arabic, Climate in Arabic, Environmental Horizons, and the Yemeni Network for Science and Environment.

This program aims to provide a general framework for the climate conference and review Arab environmental media initiatives. It also includes discussions on the preparations of the United Arab Emirates for hosting this international event. Additionally, it supports the development of journalistic skills in the Arab world, enabling them to professionally cover the conference, understand key media recommendations, and emphasize the media’s vital role in knowledge dissemination and raising awareness about climate change issues.

The program consists of 11 training sessions, spanning from October 6, 2023, to November 26, 2023, each lasting one and a half hours. These sessions will be delivered by experienced trainers in the field of environmental journalism and academics, including :

  • Ashraf Amin (Head of the Science Department at Al-Ahram Newspaper)
  • Professor Ahmed Al-Ansari (environmental expert and researcher)
  • Mabrouka Khedir (Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Cosmos’)
  • Aliaa Abou Shhaba (science journalist)
  • Ahmed Al-Attar (Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Ozone’ newspaper)
  • Dr. Ahmed Farouk Radwan (Director of the Communication and Public Relations Department at the University of Sharjah)
  • Amira El Sayed (science journalist at Egyptian Gazette magazine)
  • Shaban Hadda (Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Green Future’ website),
  • Mohamed El Tafrawi (environmental writer and journalist),
  • Ahmed Abu Al-Qasim (Editor-in-Chief of ‘Green in Arabic’).

Don’t miss this great opportunity to participate in this program and understand the role of the media in driving change for our planet! To register, please visit the following link: [].

Program Schedule:

  • October 6: Opening session and an overview of Arab environmental media initiatives.
  • October 10: Introduction to the media path to the climate conference.
  • October 17: Media coverage of pre-climate conference stages.
  • October 24: Key topics at the climate conference.
  • October 31: The art of communicating with participants during the climate conference.
  • November 7: Basics of media coverage for the climate conference.
  • November 14: How to conduct interviews with experts in the field of climate change.
  • November 21: Environmental insights during the climate conference.
  • November 25: The role of the media in increasing awareness of environmental issues and stimulating change.
  • November 26: Final media recommendations to ensure outstanding coverage of the climate conference.

We are grateful to our supportive partners for this program.